why is scala better than other languages?

Advantages of Scala The code is more concise, readable and error-free. It is easy to write, compile, debug and run the program in Scala, compared to many other programming languages. Functional programming allows you to approach the same problem from a different angle. The compiler can reason about what the code can do, what the code can't do, and easily do things like compile your Scala to high-performance JavaScript in Scala.

Scala's functional programming style and type-checking compiler helps you discard entire classes of bugs and defects, saving time and effort that you can spend on developing features for your users. From this, you will learn why you might consider including Scala as a valuable addition to your programming toolbox. Scala enough to give you a preview of Scala's power and capabilities and whet your appetite for learning the language. Scala developers thus benefit from the advantages of functional programming, which helps them organise their code to tackle difficult and complex problems.

The popularity and use of Scala is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the increasing number of vacancies for Scala developers. Scala is a type-safe JVM language that incorporates both object-oriented and functional programming in an extremely concise, logical and extraordinarily powerful language. I've worked in the Scala community for the past decade, maintain many of the open source libraries and tools that drive the ecosystem, have used Scala professionally in a variety of environments, and have seen how the language and community have evolved over time. But the Actor model and functional programming style can improve scalability (by simplifying - in a nutshell - correct concurrency programming and reducing synchronisation needs).

Scala achieves this not through clever hacks or revolutionary AI, but through a well-defined set of rules on which your program can infer types and values. Some of the more complex features of the language (tuples, functions, macros, to name a few) ultimately make it easier for the developer to write better code and increase performance by programming in Scala. Yes, it may seem more complex to the Scala novice, but once the concepts behind it are fully understood, Scala code will seem much more simplistic than Java code. Scala offers clean code, advanced features, functional and object-oriented programming in an open source package that takes advantage of the Java environment.

Scala is a language built from the ground up around type inference, which ends up being much more consistent and well-designed in Scala than in other languages that add it after the fact. Scala has outperformed several programming languages that tried to compete with Java and all have failed.