is scala good for data science?

Python and Scala are two of the most popular languages used in data science and analytics. These languages provide great support for creating efficient projects on emerging technologies. Scala's type system is very expressive, but getting to know it well enough to use its full power takes time and requires adapting to a new programming paradigm. Classes are considered to be very useful in object-oriented programming and this is also true for Scala.

Scala Puzzlers by Andrew Phillips and Nermin Šerifović provides a fun way to learn more advanced Scala. We'll cover Spark with Scala in the next article and finish the series with Machine Learning with Spark and Scala. This badge winner has an understanding of the core concepts of Scala programming, Spark, and Data Science with the Scala language. Like other programming languages, Scala expressions follow a similar approach with numerical, Boolean, and logical expressions.

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language (it supports both object-oriented and functional programming) and a scripting language used to build applications for the JVM. Scala is an object-oriented programming language and functions can be written in much the same style. The Scala programming language has been created to implement solutions capable of scaling and processing big data to produce actionable information. It allows users to create MapReduce programs that look like transformations of a native Scala or Java collection.