Should I use scala or python?

Performance is mediocre when using Python programming code to make calls to Spark libraries, but if there is a lot of processing involved, Python code becomes much slower than the equivalent Scala code 2 days ago. Both Python and Scala are general-purpose programming languages that support the object-oriented model for creating applications. You will master the essential skills of the open source Apache Spark framework and the Scala programming language. You will be able to use basic Scala programming functions with the IntelliJ IDE and get useful features such as type hints and compile-time checks for free.

I'm working on a project called bebe that I hope will provide the community with a secure, high-performance Scala programming interface. Scala is a powerful programming language that offers easy-to-develop features that are not available in Python. Many organisations favour the speed and simplicity of Spark, which supports many application programming interfaces (APIs) available from languages such as Java, R, Python and Scala. Scala offers many advanced programming features, but it is not necessary to use any of them when writing Spark code.

Last year, in the Tiobe Index report, Scala secured 20th place in the top twenty programming languages with a score of 0.9%. Scala is a combination of object-oriented and functional programming in a concise, high-level language. Reports have also shown that Scala ranks 30th in the list of the top 50 trendy programming languages. Scala is also excellent for low-level Spark programming and for easy navigation directly to the underlying source code.