can scala compile to javascript?

Js, developers write code in Scala, and that code is compiled into JavaScript, analogous to using Microsoft's TypeScript. Developers can leverage their knowledge of Scala in web development. Js is a relatively large project, and is the result of an enormous amount of hard work, as well as a series of decisions that elaborate what it is like to program in Scala. The first import brings Scala adapters to various DOM APIs, which allow you to use them more idiomatically from Scala.

If it is not possible to interpret Scala in this way, is it possible to run user-supplied JavaScript code from Scala code (i.e. unlike JavaScript editors, your existing Scala IDEs such as IntelliJ or Eclipse can give very useful help when you are working with Scala. Now you can write both your backend and frontend code in Scala and take full advantage of Scala as a programming language, as well as JVM libraries and even npm tools for web development. In Scala 2 they were almost identical, but with Scala 3, the keys are no longer needed (although they can still be used).

Js is a Scala to JavaScript language compiler, it is very easy to interface Scala code with existing JavaScript code. Js, the Scala to JavaScript language compiler, can accommodate standard Scala dependency management. They are not a novel concept, and Scala provides a good built-in implementation of Futures that works well with Scala.