how is scala better than other programming languages?

Scala is a type-safe JVM language that incorporates both object-oriented and functional programming in an extremely concise, logical and extraordinarily powerful language. It is a declarative programming paradigm, meaning that programming is done with expressions or statements rather than declarations. This Spark certification training course helps you master both the essential skills of the open source Apache Spark framework and the scala programming language. Some of the more complex features of the language (tuples, functions, macros, to name a few) ultimately make it easier for the developer to write better code and increase performance by programming in Scala.

The popularity and use of Scala is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the increasing number of job openings for Scala developers. ZDNet cites Scala as one of the most popular programming languages that can get you a job interview. In fact, the difference between the use of collections in Java and Scala, in terms of built-in functionality, is so stark that it is very rare to find "for loops in Scala code - they are simply a suboptimal way of applying operations to collections in most cases. For those hearing about Scala for the first time - or who have heard of it only in passing - let's start with a brief look at the history of Scala.

Scala enough to give you a preliminary idea of Scala's power and capabilities and whet your appetite for learning the language. Scala offers clean code, advanced features, functional and object-oriented programming in an open source package that takes advantage of the Java environment. But Scala developers also recognised the incredible value proposition of functional programming (the ability to develop code without regard to state). As a result, there are certainly code distinctions and paradigm shifts that can make initially learning to program in Scala a bit more difficult, but the result is a much cleaner, well-organised language that is ultimately easier to use and increases productivity.

Yes, it may seem more complex to the Scala novice, but once the concepts behind it are fully understood, Scala code will seem much simpler than Java code. In computer science, functional programming is a programming paradigm, a style of constructing the structure and elements of computer programs that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids mutable and state-changing data.