is scala similar to c?

As Python gets older, more Scala features, such as type safety, matter, but Scala was built from the ground up for that. Note that the breadth that Scala offers is quite unique among industrial languages, which makes, in my opinion, learning Scala useful and exciting. Haskell generates machine code, and yet Haskell programs perform worse in the Debian pull test than Scala programs. Scala automatically plays with java classes, interfaces and objects by simply importing and using them as if they were scala classes, traits and objects.

Where native integration or instant startup is necessary for a Scala programmer, they should try Oracle's GraalVM, scala-native or Java Native Interface as well as Java's direct memory access, before going with Rust because they will miss a lot of the JVM; on the other hand someone already familiar with Rust would benefit more from Scala if they are going into Big Data & data science (although Python might make sense as well). In Maven, Gradle and SBT, mixed language Scala and Java projects are not a challenge, and switching from Java to Scala as Java is trivial. Note that Scala is not a particularly good scripting language precisely because the overhead for short-lived programs is too great. Although the question of Scala vs Rust is very often raised, in reality Rust competes mainly with C in the space of command line programs, kernel programming and the Firefox browser engine, and other cases where high performance but also reliability is needed.