sqlest-extractors - convert table data into case classes

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sqlest-extractors - convert table data into case classes

Brendan Maginnis


sqlest-extractors is a small library for extracting case classes from table data:

  • Minimal work to set up sqlest-extractors with a new table type
  • Extractors are defined declaratively and are easily composed
  • Support for:
    • Case classes
    • Tuples
    • Options
    • List, Seq, Map, etc.
    • Mapped values
    • Grouping rows into single results
sqlest-extractors used to be part of the sqlest database library and was used to extract data from java.sql.ResultSet. It has been generalised to work with any form of table data

The readme at https://github.com/jhc-systems/sqlest/tree/master/extractors has a short but complete example of converting csv data into case classes

Check it out!

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