shapeless-2.3.0 released!

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shapeless-2.3.0 released!

Miles Sabin
This is the final release of shapeless-2.3.0. These release notes
provide a summary of changes since
shapeless 2.2.5.

Prominent changes

85 pull requests have been merged and 61 issues have been closed and
since 2.2.5 … the complete list can be found in
the 2.3.0 github milestone for issues and PRs.

The project branch and build structure has been completely reworked.
shapeless is now built for all permutations
of Scala 2.10/11/12 and JVM and Scala.js from a single branch using
macro-compat and the new support
for JUnit in Scala.js 0.6.6+.

There are a large number of new features, refactorings and bug fixes
in shapeless 2.3.0. The most significant of these


Many bug fixes and improvements in the implementation of Generic.
Many bug fixes and improvements in the implementations of Generic1,
IsHCons1, IsCons1 and Split1 in support
of Kittens.
Added Annotation and Annotations type classes providing evidence of
the presence of annotations on a type, or on the
elements or constructors of an ADT.
Added Default, AsRecord and AsOptions type classes providing evidence
of the default values for the
constructors of product types as HLists of Options or records.
LabelledGeneric[T] no longer extends Generic[T].


Dramatically improved compile time performance for record select and update.
Added zipWithIndex method and ZipWithIndex type class for HLists,
Coproducts and tuples.
Added ToCoproduct/ToSum type classes for HLists and tuples.
Added toCoproduct method and ToCoproductTraversable type class
allowing conversion of an HList to a homogenous
collection of the Coproduct of its element types.
Added selectMany, selectManyType and selectRange methods and
SelectMany and SelectRange type classes
allowing elements of an HList to be selected given a set or range of
Nat indices.
Added group method and Grouper and PaddedGrouper type classes allowing
HLists and tuples to be subdivided
into smaller tuples of a given size.
Added union, intersect, diff methods and Union, Intersection and Diff
type classes supporting set-like
operations on HLists.
Added updateAtWith method and ModifierAt type class supporting
functional update of elements of HLists and
tuples at a given Nat index.
Added collectFirst method and CollectFirst type class which applies a
Poly to the first compatible element of
an HList.
Added LiftAll type class which collects instances of a type class for
each element of an HList.
Added padTo and slice methods and PadTo and Slice type classes which
support padding and slicing HLists
to/by Nat indices.
Added toRecord method and FromMap type class which supports type safe
conversion of a homogenous Map to a
Added remove and removeAll methods and Remove and RemoveAll type
classes supporting removing of one or more
fields from a record. These operations are reversible via reinsert and
Added toSizedHList method and ToSizedHList type class which support
conversion of a homogenous collection to an
HList of a known size.
Added impossible method to CNil.
Improved readability of toString for nested HLists.
Improved toString for Coproducts.


cachedImplicit now uses a more reliable mechanism for preventing self-loops.
Added Strict and Cached type constructors which modify the semantics
of Lazy by eliminating unnecessary
closures and by sharing instances respectively.
Added LowPriority mechanism for controlling the priority of instances
during implicit resolution.
User supplied @implicitNotFound annotations are now propagated through Lazy.
Added NatProductArgs which allows argument lists of Int literals to be
mapped to HLists of Nats.
Added Range, GCD, LCM, GT and GTEq type classes for Nats.
Added NatWith which supports conversion of Int literals to Nat values
and simultaneously summoning a
specified type class at the corresponding Nat type.
Added Widen type class which allows the widening of a singleton type
and value to the corresponding non-singleton
Added runtimeList method allowing conversion of an HList to a
List[Any] efficiently when precise types are not
Added unwrapped method and Unwrapped type class which allow access to
the value underlying a newtype or value
The experimental support for lifting polymorphic methods to Poly
values has been removed.

Source and binary compatibility

shapless 2.3.0 is source compatible with 2.2.5. As indicated by the
version number bump, however, shapeless 2.3.0 is
not binary compatible with shapeless 2.2.x.


Contributors for shapeless 2.3.0 are,

Alessandro Lacava @lambdista
Alexandre Archambault @alxarchambault
Andreas Koestler @AndreasKostler
Chris Hodapp @clhodapp
Cody Allen @fourierstrick
Dale Wijnand @dwijnand
Dave Gurnell @davegurnell
Frank S. Thomas @fst9000
Hamish Dickenson @hamishdickson
Matthew Taylor
Michael Donaghy
Michael Pilquist @mpilquist
Miles Sabin @milessabin
Neville Li @sinisa_lyh
Olivier Blanvillain
Olli Helenius @ollijh
Owein Reese @OweinReese
Pavel Chlupacek @pacmanius
Rob Norris @tpolecat
Robert Hensing
Ryo Hongo @ryoppy516
Tin Pavlinic @triggerNZ
Tomas Mikula @tomas_mikula
Travis Brown @travisbrown
Valentin Kasas @ValentinKasas
Vladimir Pavkin @vlpavkin

Many thanks to all of you and everyone else who has contributed ideas,
enthusiasm and encouragement.

Miles Sabin
tel: +44 7813 944 528
skype: milessabin
gtalk: [hidden email]

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