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scalajs-benchmark 0.1.0 - Scala benchmarks in the browser

David Barri
Hi all,

I've just released a new benchmarking tool in Scala.JS: scalajs-benchmark.
There is an online demo here:

It's a Scala.JS library so you write Scala and it gets compiled to JS where you can run the benchmarks in a browser with a nice GUI.
You can use it to write/host your our own suite of benchmarks in <100 LoC.

Another reason I'm spamming everyone about this today, is that I think it would be beneficial to have a library of benchmarks over Scala stdlib and community code that anyone can see and run with no fuss.
I care about performance but also, I believe it's a brilliant way to learn and teach library subtleties.
We could even have shootouts between different libraries which is good fun.
Feel free to contribute a PR with a benchmark you think is valuable/interesting and we can add it to the gh-pages site above.

(Note: It's not a perfect reflection of Scala as it's compiled by Scala.JS and run in JS, *but* it's still a very good indication. If there's interest an idea might be conjure a server-side component that runs plain Scala in the JVM and forwards the results to the browser.)


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