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scala-language shutting down soon

Heather Miller-2
Hi all,

As you may have noticed in the past year or so, activity has decreased
on scala-language (e.g., only 2 new threads in January '17, down from
6 new threads in January '16, and 16 new threads in January '15).
While there are many reasons for this, it is likely due to the
emergence of several alternative channels that tend to be more
convenient to use than this list. Along with the downtick in activity
on scala-language, we've seen an uptick over many months on the many
specialized gitter channels, in various GtiHub repositories, as well
as in our Discourse forum/mailing

While scala-language and the other specialized mailing lists
(scala-debate, scala-internals, and scala-sips) have served us well
pre-GitHub move, pre-Gitter, the coordination of different parts of
Scala have moved to different channels, and conversations are
happening in numerous other places than this list.

For that reason, we have removed signups to scala-language, and in
coming weeks we will shift scala-language to read-only. (We will do
the same for a handful of other mailing lists such as scala-internals,
scala-debate, and scala-sips). All conversations will remain archived
on Google Groups. The intended replacement for these lists is the Discourse forum/mailing list. So
please head over there and sign up if you're interested in
participating in discussions that previously belonged on
scala-internals, scala-sip, scala-debate, and scala-language.

As of now, these are the recommended channels for discussing Scala:

Mailing list/forum:
* Scala Contributors: - a central place for
  lasting, threaded discussions related to; development work on the
  Scala compiler, Scala Improvement Proposal discussions (proposals for changes
  to the language or compiler), Scala Platform discussions, or
  debates/discussions typically found on scala-debate or scala-language. There
  are tags for each of these topics in Discourse, so it's possible to subscribe
  to only a subset of these topics.

Discourse is set up to be used in mailing list mode. That is, you
receive discussions to your inbox, and can reply to them via email.
It's also a forum that gives all kinds of statistics, upvoting, and
polls. You can do syntax highlighting etc, and posts can be written in

Real-time discussion: - a relaxed chat room about all things Scala.
  Library questions, language questions, etc. - a discussion channel about Scala community
  governance, processes, the Scala Platform, online courses, and general updates
  about projects and things going on at the Scala Center. - a place to Scala internals and open
  source work with contributors.

Please don't use gitter for community-wide discussions that are meant
to be persisted. Gitter is best for ephemeral discussions, quick
questions, chats, sanity checks, etc. If you want to promote a topic
for community-wide discussion that was hatched in a Gitter chat,
please do so in Scala Contributors. While Gitter is indexed by Google,
finding points made in Gitter tends to be difficult amongst all of the
other chats/jokes/etc that tend to take place there. Thus, arguments
or posts meant to be persisted belong on Scala Contributors.


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