libisabelle: A Scala library which talks to Isabelle

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libisabelle: A Scala library which talks to Isabelle

Lars Hupel-2
Isabelle is an interactive theorem prover. It is used for formal specification & proofs. An overview can be found on its website [0]. Some of the readers of this list might be familiar with Coq; both systems serve similar purposes. The main mode of interaction with Isabelle is via its IDE; users type in specifications and proofs which are being checked continuously. It offers automated proof and disproof methods, various decision procedures, executable code generation, a rich library of classical mathematics and much more.

Isabelle ships with a Scala API ("PIDE") tailored for interactive use in its IDE. To cater for different kinds of applications, libisabelle [1] provides a high-level wrapper around this API. Notable features include:
  • (mostly) asynchronous API
  • prover interaction abstracted into typed, atomic operations
  • automatic installation of Isabelle
  • multi-version and multi-tenancy support
Apart from the Isabelle-Leon integration (see my other mail to this list from today), libisabelle has been used in a project for educational mathematical software and in an ongoing effort for code clone detection in Isabelle sources.

Source code is available on GitHub [2]. If you have any kind of software which could benefit from the ability to formally prove or check assertions, I'd be happy to hear about your use case.


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