Zipkin-futures: Zipkin tracing for Scala Futures and non-Futures

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Zipkin-futures: Zipkin tracing for Scala Futures and non-Futures

Lloyd C

Zipkin-Futures ( is a lib that allows you to easily send Spans to a Zipkin collector that measure how long a Scala operation (async or sync) has taken to execute.

There is an accompanying zipkin-futures-play project that makes it easy to use w/ Play (so that parent Spans describe via HTTP headers are respected)

It is Mavenised and easy to install:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
    "com.beachape" %% "zipkin-futures" % "0.0.9"  // OR
    "com.beachape" %% "zipkin-futures-play" % "0.0.9" // if you are using Play and want to use the filter w/ RequestHeader conversions

Example usage:

 A simple new Span that tells us we have no parent here. 
implicit val span = new Span()
// Using a simple LoggingSpanCollectorImpl here as an example, but it can be a ZipkinSpanCollector that actually sends spans
implicit val zipkinService = new BraveZipkinService("localhost", 9000, "testing", new LoggingSpanCollectorImpl("application"))

val myTracedFuture1 = TracedFuture("slowHttpCall") { _ => expensiveOp }

Relevant links:

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