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Wartremover 1.0.0

Chris Neveu
The 1.0.0 version of wartremover and sbt-wartremover has been released. This marks the first version of wartremover to use semantic versioning.

Breaking changes:
  • Artifacts are now published under org.wartremover instead of org.brianmckenna. All package paths have been modified accordingly.
  • Wartremover now runs before the patmat phase, as such pattern matches that compiled to isInstanceOf/asInstanceOf are no longer caught by those warts.

New Features:

  • New ImplicitConversion wart prevents use of implicit def.
  • New Equals wart disables use of ==.
  • New LeakingSealed wart prevents non-final classes from extending sealed traits.
  • New While wart disables used of the while loop.
  • New Overloading wart disables method overloading.


  • ExplicitImplicitTypes no longer triggers on implicit classes.
  • Using Warts.all or Warts.allBut no longer breaks incremental compiliation.
  • Option2Iterable's error message no indicates the proper substitution to make.
  • Throw no longer triggers on synthetic MatchErrors.
  • NonUnitStatements no longer triggers on classes with multiple argument lists.
  • ExplicitImplicitTypes now properly handles implicit var declarations.
  • ExplicitImplicitTypes now properly handles backticks.


Thank you to everybody who contributed as well as those who reported issues and joined in on discussions.

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