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Status of 2.8

Martin Odersky
Here's an update on the progress to 2.8 final. RC6 is out since last
Friday and we got very encouraging feedback on it. We will need at
least one more RC because of a regression in the handling of primitive
operations from 2.7, about which we found out only recently. So there
will be a RC7 with so far three changes from RC6:

1. val x: Double = 10/3    will give 3.0, not 3.3333333  - that was
the regression I was mentioning
2. A fix of a problem where comparing null with a boxed number could
raise an NPE.
3. A fix of a problem in JavaConversions, where remove on a mutable
Scala collection wrapped as a Java collection did not work.

That's it. Our priorities now are to roll out 2.8 as quickly as we
can, and at the same time avoid really bad regressions such as (1)
You can help us get there by continuing to test RC6, and if you should
find out about a bad problem notify the Scala team immediately. We did
not find out about regression (1) for three weeks because it was
discussed on nabble but not on the Scala mailing lists proper. To
avoid that, if you think a problem needs to be handled and you get no
ack from us, please ping again.

On the other hand, now is not the time to bring up your favorite pet
peeve and push for inclusion in 2.8. It's too late for that. For 2.8
we will only fix serious regressions wrt 2.7, and serious newly
discovered problems. If a ticket was originally raised against 2.7 and
is still open now, it will not be fixed for 2.8, but it might be fixed
in the next version, which will probably come out only a couple of of
months later.

Timeline: We will wait one more week to get feedback on RC6. We will
push out RC7 early next week. If no further problems show up RC7 would
then turn into 2.8 final 10-14 days after it is released.


 -- Martin