Scalastyle 0.8.0 is released

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Scalastyle 0.8.0 is released

Matthew Farwell-2
Scalastyle v0.8.0 is out.

Scalastyle is the style checker for Scala.

Please see the Release Notes. It is available through the usual channels:

New rules:
  • TodoCommentChecker - tests for presence of TODOs and FIXMEs
  • ImportGroupingChecker - checks grouping and ordering of imports
  • PatternMatchChecker - checks alignment of arrows in pattern matches
New parameters to existing checkers:
  • RegexChecker has a line parameter which allows line by line regular expression matching
  • IndentationChecker has methodParamIndentSize parameter which allows specification of the amount of indentation for multi-line method parameters
  • ScalaDocChecker has a ignoreRegex parameter into the ScalaDocChecker - classes which match are not checked
  • sbt plugin - sources can be specified to scalastyle using the scalastyleSources setting - this is by default scalaSource
  • sbt plugin - quiet flag is more quiet
  • command line - option added to ignore certain files via un regex
  • Fix: #159 TextOutput takes account of quiet and verbose
  • Fix: #123 False positive in ScalaDocChecker
  • Fix: #145 ProcedureDeclarationChecker - a constructor with a body containing braces was not correctly handled
  • Fix: #33 Cyclomatic complexity - an inner method is not counted as part of a method for the cyclomatic complexity calculation
  • Fix: #144 // scalastyle:ignore did not work
  • Fix: #157 Use scalariform 0.1.7, which fixes some problems with Scala 2.11, including #156
  • Various documentation fixes

Have fun,

Matthew Farwell.

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