Scala arm 2.0-RC1 is out

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Scala arm 2.0-RC1 is out

Josh Suereth
Hello Scala friends,

I'd like to announce the release of scala-arm 2.0-RC1.  This release marks the final acceptance of no more CPS plugin in scala ( :( ).

You can find the release notes here:, but  a few highlights:

  • Bug fixes
  • scala.util.Try support
  • new `Using` object with lots of convenience methods (copied over from sbt.IO).
  • A new `constant` method which will construct a ManagedResource[A] where A is not a resource at all, but a 'constant value'.  Note:  This is *not* a safe `pure` for those trying to implement cats.Pure or scalaz.Pure, as we need to split the category of types into those which are resources and those which are not.

Please try it out and report any bugs.

- Josh

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