Scala Exercises V.2 now available

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Scala Exercises V.2 now available

Maureen Elsberry

We’re happy to announce the launch of Scala Exercises V.2, a highly improved and expanded platform where users can gain an understanding of Scala’s API and central libraries by completing exercises directly in their browser.

The exercises serve as unit tests that a user must successfully pass in order to advance. The fill in the blank, compile process provides real-time validation beginning with the basics and increasing in complexity as a user’s skills progress.

What’s new?

  • Login directly with your GitHub account and save progress across devices.

  • Increased social components: share your progress with your friends, discuss and ask questions with others in the community.

  • We’ve made it easy for other libraries and community members to craft their own exercises.

We’ve included exercise tracks for the following libraries to start:

  • Std Lib: Scala fuses object-oriented and functional programming in a statically typed programming language.

  • Cats: an experimental library intended to provide abstractions for functional programming in Scala.

  • Shapeless: a type class and dependent type based generic programming library for Scala.

Doobie is currently in the works for inclusion!

Start learning here:

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