Scala Coroutines 0.4 released

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Scala Coroutines 0.4 released

Aleksandar Prokopec
Happy to announce that Scala Coroutines extension, version 0.4 is released!

Scala Coroutines is a library-level extension for the Scala programming language that introduces first-class coroutines.

Coroutines are a language abstraction that generalizes subroutines (i.e. procedures, methods or functions). Unlike a subroutine, which is invoked once and executes until it completed, a coroutine can pause execution and yield control back to the caller, or another coroutine. The caller can then resume the coroutine when appropriate. Coroutines have a number of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • data structure iterators
  • event-driven code without the inversion of control
  • cooperative multitasking
  • concurrency frameworks such as actors, async-await and dataflow networks
  • expressing asynchrony, and better composition of asynchronous systems
  • capturing continuations
  • expressing backtracking algorithms
  • AI agents such as behavior trees
Stable versions are released on Sonatype and Maven. You can add Scala Coroutines by adding the following to your project definition:

    libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
      "com.storm-enroute" %% "coroutines" % "0.4")

Snapshot versions are released regularly on Sonatype:

    resolvers ++= Seq(
      "Sonatype OSS Snapshots" at
      "Sonatype OSS Releases" at
    libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
      "com.storm-enroute" %% "coroutines" % "0.5-SNAPSHOT")

You can find out more, including a usage tutorial, here:

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