Scala 2.10.5 (last 2.10 release!) and 2.11.6 are out!

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Scala 2.10.5 (last 2.10 release!) and 2.11.6 are out!

Adriaan Moors-5

We're happy to announce two new releases today! (Well, we're also feeling a little nostalgic because this concludes the 2.10 series.)

Please check out for the details:
I would like to highlight the cross-site scripting vulnerability in Scaladoc’s JavaScript that was brought to our attention by @todesking. This bug is now fixed in 2.10.5 and 2.11.6.

This vulnerability could be used to access sensitive information on sites hosted on the same domain as Scaladoc-generated documentation. We do recommend, as a general precaution, to host Scaladoc documentation on its own (sub)domain.

Aside from that, the 2.11 REPL got a little less crashy when dealing with functions (who uses those anyway?) and less finicky when using a non-qwerty keyboard (thank you for implementing the jline fix, @michael72, and kudos to @jdillon and @trptcolin for cutting a new jline 2.12.1 release just for us!).


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