SIP Meeting July 13th

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SIP Meeting July 13th

Scala Process
Hello everyone,

The new SIP process will be presented this Wednesday, 13th July. We'll discuss it and the new members of the committee will go through the SIPs and SLIPs in the backlog.

This is the agenda:

Discussion of the new SIP process

Reviewer: Adriaan Moors
SIP 25 - Trait parameters

Reviewer: Martin Odersky
SIP Unsigned Integer Data Types (before it was a SLIP, but under the new process it's a SIP)

Reviewer: Eugene Burmako
SIP 22 - Async

Reviewer: S├ębastien Doeraene
SIP 20 - Improved lazy val initialization

Trailing commas SIP presented by Eugene Burmako

Quick iteration through all the SLIPs
Adding standard JSON AST (
Extensions of Futures and Promises (
Implicit enrichment of Either to support Monadic bias (
Adding (

Starting from next month, we'll have a new SLIP process (with a new committee) that will take over all the SLIPs.

Jorge Vicente Cantero (Scala Center)

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