Rapture I18N: Simple, Typesafe Internationalized Strings

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Rapture I18N: Simple, Typesafe Internationalized Strings

Jon Pretty-3
Dear all,

I've just released a first version of Rapture I18N which provides a very simple API for working with internationalized strings, i.e. a single value which represents strings in a number of different languages, for example:

val greeting = en"Hello" | fr"Bonjour" | de"Guten Tag"

Types are used to enforce all required languages are present, so missing language strings always manifest themselves as type errors at compile time. Full details and instructions for use are on the Rapture I18N Github page:


A few simple tests are available in the rapture-i18n-test project:


Rapture I18N is available for Scala 2.10 and 2.11 on Maven Central, and can be included in an SBT project by including the line:

   libraryDependencies ++= Seq("com.propensive" %% "rapture-i18n" % "1.2.0")

Many thanks to Christopher Vogt for the inspiration for the idea.


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