Programming in Scala, Third Edition, Now Available!

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Programming in Scala, Third Edition, Now Available!

Bill Venners-3

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that the third edition of Programming in Scala is now available!

The book has been updated to cover new features up to and including Scala version 2.12, such as:

  • Implicit classes
  • Creating your own AnyVals
  • String interpolation
  • Futures and concurrency, including new methods added in 2.12 and asynchronous testing with Futures in ScalaTest 3.0
  • Wildcard types
  • The close integration of Scala 2.12 and Java 8, most significantly the new ability to use function literals to express instances of SAM types
  • The latest recommendations for Scala coding style
  • New recommendations for writing hashCode
  • The context bounds syntax for typeclasses

As of today, both the eBook and paper book are in stock and ready for purchase. You can pick up a copy today at Artima or Amazon.

Also, for those of you attending Scala Days in New York next week, Martin and I will be on hand for a book signing on Tuesday, May 10, at noon at the Artima booth. Please come by and say hello!


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