New XPath / XQuery 3 engine being developed in Scala

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New XPath / XQuery 3 engine being developed in Scala

Justin Johansson-2
Hi all,

I have been following the development of the W3C XML standards for XPath, XSLT & XQuery since around 2001. XPath 3 is a very mature specification compared with XPath 1.0 and is underpinned by a very interesting data model and type system. XPath is used in a whole host of different contexts, such as XQuery, XSLT and XForms, but has suffered from there not being many implementations available.

Accordingly, I have had this desire to implement an XPath engine for quite some time. Problem is that XPath & XQuery are very complex specifications and aspiring implementors have been daunted by the prospect of throwing years upon years of development effort at the task. Added to the difficulty is that XPath is a lazily evaluated dynamic language.

So now, having prototyped XPath engines in all manner of programming languages (e.g. C++, Java, Scala, Clojure, OCAML etc.) to find out which language might best facilitate such undertaking, I have, after several years of trial & tribulation, decided upon & settled on Scala.

While it still remains a significant undertaking on my part, it nevertheless represents a strong vote of confidence to pursue the Scala route in all earnest.

Time permitting, I would like to formally blog about the progress of my "XPath in Scala" project. In the meantime, I am talking about it on Twitter @MartianOdyssey

All encouraging support welcome.


Justin Johansson
scala dot xquery @ letter-after-f mail dot com

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