Mecha 0.2 Released

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Mecha 0.2 Released

Aleksandar Prokopec
Hi all,

I wanted to share an SBT plugin that I had in the backlog for a while now.
The plugin strikes a nice balance between being lightweight and offering some powerful workflow automation features.
I dogfooding it heavily on my own projects for some time now.
I finally caught some time to document the thing properly, so I thought it's a good time to share it more broadly.
Hope some people find it helpful!


Mecha -- SBT Plugin That Automates Development Workflow

Mecha is an SBT plugin that aggregates all specified repositories into one big project, which you can then compile as if they were one project. You can branch/merge/commit changes in all the repositories simultaneously, pull/push to their respective origins with a single SBT command, or automatically maintain any number of downstream mirrors. Mecha puts repositories into subdirectories of the super-repository. You can choose which subdirectories to track while you work, or instead depend on them through pre-published Maven artifacts.

  • supports super-repositories that contain multiple subprojects
  • bulk pull, branch, merge, push, and mirroring for subprojects
  • optional tracking for subprojects
  • automatic source/library dependency configuration in subprojects
  • automatic configuration file generation
  • automated remote deployments over SSH
  • automated documentation deployments to remote Git repositories (ideal for GH pages!)
  • automated benchmark deployments in case you're using ScalaMeter
Mecha is available on GitHub under the BSD-3 license:

The Mecha 0.2 release is available at Maven - adding the

     "com.storm-enroute" % "mecha" % "0.2"

Detailed usage instructions are available here:

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