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Mailing list reminder: Scala-debate

Scala Mailing Lists
Welcome to the "Scala-debate" mailing list.

This automatic reminder is sent once a month to the list,
to keep subscribers up-to-date with the mailing list services,
and to help keeping the list on topic.


The "Scala-debate" mailing list:

This list is a more relaxed forum for Scala discussions
that would probably be off-topic or too convoluted for
the other lists, but that may still be quite interesting
to follow for a selected readership.

In particular, the following are appropriate:

  * threads that evolved beyond their initial topic,
      and have become too long or convoluted to be
      of interest to most readers
  * threads discussing extremely specialized topics
  * threads that are mostly speculative in nature,
      out-of-the-box thinking, philosophical views
      (as long as they are still somehow related
      to Scala)
  * debates (of course)

The "Scala-debate" list is the natural destination of all
the threads that start on other mailing lists, but are no
longer on topic on their original list, or have turned
into an in-depth debate about something.


Other information:

There are several Scala lists devoted to individual topics (and
more may be created in the future). For the full list, please

Try to avoid cross-posting whenever possible. If you can, select
the list that is closer to your topic and post in that list only.
In any case, never cross-post replies.

If you ever want to unsubscribe from this list, just visit this
or send an email to [hidden email]

Thank you!
The Scala Team

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