How to enforce creating new transaction in Liftweb Mapper?

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How to enforce creating new transaction in Liftweb Mapper?

Andriy Plokhotnyuk
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Is it safe implementation for Liftweb 2.4?
Is there any implementation that is better than bellow one?

import net.liftweb.db.{DefaultConnectionIdentifier, DB}
import akka.dispatch.{Dispatchers, Future}

val timeout = 60 * 1000 // 1 minute
val dispatcher = Dispatchers.newExecutorBasedEventDrivenWorkStealingDispatcher("transaction-provider-dispatcher")
  .setMaxPoolSize(25) // should be same as max number of connection in DB pool

 * Will create a new transaction if none is in progress and commit it upon completion or rollback on exceptions.
 * If a transaction already exists, it has no effect, the block will execute in the context
 * of the existing transaction. The commit/rollback is handled in this case by the parent transaction block.
def inTransaction[T](f: ⇒ T): T = DB.use(DefaultConnectionIdentifier)(conn ⇒ f)

 * Causes a new transaction to begin and commit after the block’s execution,
 * or rollback if an exception occurs. Invoking a transaction always cause a new one to be created,
 * even if called in the context of an existing transaction.
def newTransaction[T](f: ⇒ T): T = Future(DB.use(DefaultConnectionIdentifier)(conn ⇒ f), timeout)(dispatcher).get