Four Magento Search Extensions that are worth the money

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Four Magento Search Extensions that are worth the money

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Is your ecommerce sales has came to a standstill? Do you have an incredible product, but moderate conversion? Then it’s the time to take a glance at your search navigation system.  The ground cause of focal point on search navigation of your ecommerce website is lucid, which provides easy and hassle free shopping experience to your customers. Effective search option lets customers to find out exactly what they are looking for.

Not only user experience is enhanced with effective searching but it also aids in swelling the revenue. Customers tend to purchase the product soon if the product is explored soon to them. Precise search service helps businesses to gain an understanding of the customer’s choice and their purchase behaviour. According to a recent study, magento store development empowers 20% of the top 11,000 magento stores.  As magento is a robust platform for the development of multi-functional e-commerce store it is advisable not to implement the default search option feature in the store without customizing it especially when there is lot of products.

The inbuilt search option in magento is loaded with a couple of modifying search results like describing whether to look for like or full-text terms or the combination of two. This is all about the exceptional magento search functionality imbibed with it. This is the crucial reason why many ecommerce businesses choose to integrate the search services through extensions. Below listed is some of the popular extension that is used by magento developers.

Site Search, Auto complete and Product suggest by Instant Search+
This is one of the most advanced search extension for websites which are designed and developed by Magento. This extension facilitates you to implement a search box in your magento websites which are usually loaded with more than 1000+ products. This extension is totally based on cloud based technology and is fully supported by CDN. Displaying exactly appropriate products while searching is the powerful feature of this extension. This facilitates the customers to redirect to the page where the product is listed.

Ajax Search and Auto complete

This extension helps you to customize the look of the product images and thumbnails. Ajax and prototype library is imbibed in this extension which eliminates the need of jQuery framework. Along with this it supports cross-browser compatibility.

Better Store Search

This is one of the most sophisticated magento extensions which make use of phonetic matching tools. Implementation of this extension in the store increases the chances of getting exact search results for hyphenated and plural keywords.

Sphinx search ultimate

This is one of the robust search extensions which are widely purchased by many magento development companies. This extension provides searching facilities in more than 10 languages with quick searching functionality. This extension is widely implemented by many magento development companies. Not only that this extension provides spell check and auto complete feature to refine with exact search result.