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Call for participation: ML 2015

Jeremy Yallop
Higher-order, Typed, Inferred, Strict: ACM SIGPLAN ML Family Workshop
Thursday 3 September 2015, Vancouver, Canada (co-located with ICFP)

Call For Participation:

Early registration deadline:   Monday 3 August 2015
Register online:

The ML Family Workshop brings together researchers, implementors and
users of languages in the extended ML family and provides a forum to
present and discuss common issues, both practical (compilation
techniques, tooling, embedded programming) and theoretical (fancy
types, module systems, type inference).

ML 2015 will be held in Vancouver on 3 September, immediately after
ICFP and close to a number of other related events, including the
OCaml Workshop on the following day.


(Talk times and abstracts are available from the workshop website:

* The History of Standard ML: Ideas, Principles, Culture
  (Invited Talk)
  David MacQueen

* Generating code with polymorphic let
  Oleg Kiselyov

* Polymorphism, subtyping and type inference in MLsub
  Stephen Dolan and Alan Mycroft

* Arduino programming of ML-style in ATS
  Kiwamu Okabe and Hongwei Xi

* Resource monitoring for Poly/ML processes
  David Matthews, Magnus Stenqvist and Tjark Weber

* Full dependency and user-defined effects in F*
  Nikhil Swamy, Cătălin Hriţcu, Chantal Keller, Pierre-Yves Strub,
  Aseem Rastogi, Antoine Delignat-Lavaud, Karthikeyan Bhargavan, and
  Cédric Fournet

* Dependent types for real-time constraints
  William Blair and Hongwei Xi

* Manifest contracts for OCaml
  Yuki Nishida and Atsushi Igarashi

* Lost in extraction, recovered
  Éric Tanter and Nicolas Tabareau

* GADTs and exhaustiveness: looking for the impossible
  Jacques Garrigue and Jacques Le Normand

Programme Committee

Damien Doligez (Inria Paris-Rocquencourt, France)
Suresh Jagannathan (Purdue University, USA)
Patricia Johann (Appalachian State University, USA)
Sam Lindley (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Moe Masuko (Ochanomizu University, Japan)
Adriaan Moors (Typesafe, USA)
Scott Owens (University of Kent, UK)
Jonathan Protzenko (Microsoft Research, USA)
Martin Sulzmann (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
Jeremy Yallop (University of Cambridge, UK) (PC chair)

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