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CUFP 2016 Call For Tutorials

Hi all,

The Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) 2016 has its Call for Tutorials open for submission. 

CUFP 2016 is being held in the historic city of Nara, Japan. The conference is devoted to showcase the state of the art of Functional Programming on industrial settings.  This conference is co-located with the International Conference of Functional Programming (ICFP).

We're looking for tutors that would like to host workshops on on the following themes:

- Introductions to functional programming languages. In the past we have had sessions of Clojure, Erlang, F#, F*, Haskell, ML, OCaml, Scala, Scheme and others.

- Advanced programming languages, concepts and applications (e.g. Lens, Liquid-Haskell, Agda, Idris, etc.)

- Applying functional programming in particular areas, including Web, high-performance computing, finance.

- Tools and techniques supporting state of the art functional programming. In the past we have had tutorials on QuickCheck, Elm and others.

- Theory. Type theory, category theory, abstract algebra, ongoing or new research, and anything useful or interesting to functional programmers.

If you'd like to submit a proposal, just fill this form


Roman Gonzalez.

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