[ANN] No Carrier, a new Scala-based GitHub bot to close abandoned issues

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[ANN] No Carrier, a new Scala-based GitHub bot to close abandoned issues

Chris Rebert
I am very excited to announce the public release of version 1.0.0 of "No
Carrier" !

"No Carrier" is a tool to automatically close old GitHub issues that
have been abandoned by the user who opened the issue (i.e. issues where
the project's team was waiting for more information from the reporter,
but never got a response in a reasonable amount of time).
No Carrier is written in Scala, requires Java 8+, and is released under
the MIT License.
It was written for, and is used by, the Bootstrap project
(http://getbootstrap.com ), to help manage our stream of incoming
issues. You can see the bot in action at

For more info, check out the GitHub repo:

A prebuilt fat JAR can be found on

Chris Rebert
Bootstrap Core Team member

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